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Technology Solutions engineered to boost your business

Our ethos is to provide a one-stop solution for all your low current systems requirements focusing on the best products and services so you never have to go elsewhere. Tronix Systems is the one and only reliable partner you will ever need.

With extensive experience, our professionals are qualified and fully insured to ensure your safety. Whether you need AI surveillance video management software, smart technology solutions, IPTV system or AV solutions we can cater to all your needs.

Our partnership with AxxonSoft the leading provider of IP video software and systems ensures that all your security needs are met. Using AxxonSoft AI video analytics, you can get your work done more efficiently, find offenders or shoplifters using the Facial Recognition feature or notify the operator if the recognized License number is blacklisted, and prevent abnormal situations.


Tronix Systems is a one-stop Intelligent Technology solution engineered to enhance your business. We believe in using our expertise to provide the most durable solution to match the needs of our clients.


Our mission is to reduce costs and hassle for our clients while maintaining exceptional quality. Implementing technology solutions requires a deep understanding of the hardware along with the software- we have got them both.

A continuing focus on innovation

Intelligent Security Solutions Built Around Your Needs

Similarity Search

Quickly find people in video footage based on similarity in appearance.

Smoke and fire detection

Detect fire early in open and large enclosed spaces.
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Facial recognition

Positive/negative list support Configure automatic scenarios when a match is found.
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Positive/negative list support Configure automatic scenarios when a match is found.
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